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When the zombie apocalypse hit, Dalton Academy students took quick action. Not many were lost, all thanks to the one brilliant, hidden location that they had commandeered as their own: the downtown storage facility. Each storage cubical has been given a purpose, whether that be medical supplies, food storage, or even as a bedroom space for one of the students. Everyone is seemingly safe, kept tucked away behind the video monitored, heavy, metal gates at the front of the facility. The walkers cannot get through, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is safe. This blog is for RP purposes only. All characters belong to CP Coulter.

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|| Satoru Kogo | Brains | 17 | Yuya Tegoshi | Open || 

Satoru always knew Drew was right. He knew it right from day one, when he was curled up on the couch, watching a news report, and Drew pointed at the screen and said that one word that sent shivers up his spine: Zombies. He never wanted to believe it, but Satoru took caution. 

His years of comic book, video game, sci-fy and science training did him well. Within two days of joining the rest of the Dalton boys behind the Gates, Satoru had been deemed one of the three ‘brains’. Alongside Drew and Lucy, it is his job to try and find patterns, possible solutions, and to collect any information that will keep them one step ahead of the zombies at all times. 

Satoru doesn’t sleep. His mind never stops working, and even when he’s not thinking about formulas or that one episode of he Walking Dead  he’s worrying about Drew. Drew, who’s the only person he has left. 


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|| Logan Wright | 18 | Hunter | Alex Pettyfer | Open || 

Logan has had to learn how to naturally control his anger since ‘Virus X’ broke out. The group has collected all the medicine they could find to help keep him sedated, but it only lasts for a limited time. Instead of medication, Logan has taken to hunting to vent his anger.

While Derek is good for a quick kill, Logan has learned how to stalk prey and how to take it down in absolute silence. Instead of causing a distraction, Logan leads the zombies away by gutting out the heart, brain, and intestines of prey, throwing it off for the zombies to fight over . Logan, no matter what he says out loud, truly misses his family. The lack of craziness, arguments, and awkward family dinners he hasn’t been a part of for almost six months has taken its tole on him. Logan misses people, and he misses fighting for some recognition and attention.  


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|| Casey Lambert | 18 | Entertainment | Mila Kunis | Open || 

Casey’s boredom is what sparked the first game of soccer within the storage complex. She had found a ball locked away in one of the far back compartments, and without asking, divided everyone into two separate teams. The game was only supposed to go until one team scored five points, but the rest of the day was spent playing soccer, then football, then vollyball. Unfortunately, it was Derek’s hard spike that sent the ball flying right over the gate. 

Since then, there has been an entire compartment specifically designated to sporting equipment, board games, batteries, gaming systems, and anything else they could find that would be considered some kind of entertainment. Casey, needing some kind of distraction, runs the room alongside Mika. The two have created an in-depth schedule of activities, as well as a sign out list. 


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|| David Sullivan | 17 | Inventory | Titus Makin Jr. | Open || 

David’s job is very, very tedious. Twice weekly, David goes through every single storage compartment on the facility, and makes lists of everything they have, and everything they need. From batteries to ibuprofen to ‘female necessities’, David looks for it all. Once his lists are completed, he leaves them attached the the storage unit closest to the gates for the gatherers to collect. The one part of his job that he utterly detests is seeing all the walkers crowded at the gates the moment he walks towards them. It’s a heart stopping sight. He knows they can’t break through, at least not yet, but the sight is grotesque. 

It was his urge to have Katherine included in their group that allowed the Dobry girls to join forces and live within the storage facility as well. It made things twice as tight and twice as scarce, but he’d never be one to complain. With Katherine inside the facility, he has the ability to keep his eyes constantly on her, making sure she’s healthy and safe. 


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|| Katherine Rivers | 17 | Medical | Alexis Bledel | Open ||

Within her first day of joining the Dalton boys, Katherine took charge of the storage facilities medical department. All that they had to start with was a simple first aid kit, so Katherine created a vast list of antibiotics, ointments, needles, gauzes, masks, birth control pills, nausea medicine - anything you could possibly think of. She did this mostly for her own good, but also for the good of the group. Within the short time she has spent in the group, Katherine has become the mother hen. 

More than anything, Katherine is grateful to have David at her side. He keeps her constantly protected, and always seems to be right there when she needs him. Her storage cubical has been placed right beside the medical locker, just in case she needs help, or she need to help someone else. 


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